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SALVE Grip-socks 1.0 3-pack, red

SALVE Grip-socks 1.0 3-pack, red

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Grip sock that keeps your foot firmly in the shoe and maximizes performance during quick changes of direction. With O-Grip, your foot stays firmly in the shoe and thus improves your performance when you get full control over your movements. 

The properties of the SALVE Grip sock make movement safe, comfortable and extremely efficient. SALVE grips make your steps feel like you have full control over the platform. The bottom of the socks guarantees comfort and the breathable material of the foot keeps the foot dry. The stem's own compression keeps the sock firmly on the leg and keeps your feet fresh for a longer time.

The properties of Grip socks are not only limited to improving performance, but also prevent sports injuries, e.g. leg sprains and sprains. Socks prevent minimal movement of the foot inside the shoe, and thus prevent the formation of blisters.