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SALVE Mini Shin Pads, 12x7.7cm

SALVE Mini Shin Pads, 12x7.7cm

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SALVE Mini Shin Pads shin pads designed for the needs of modern soccer and futsal. These shin guards are ideal for players who value mobility and comfort along with protection. They are popular among both amateurs and professionals, offering a light and mobile feeling on the court.

Made of durable plastic and EVA material, the SALVE Mini Shin Pads offer just the right amount of protection needed in the game without restricting your movement. There are three sizes available – 12x7.7cm, 10x6cm and 8x5cm – enabling a suitable fit for players who like different sized guards. The color combinations, classic black and white, ensure that the shin guards are a stylish part of your game gear.

SALVE Mini Shin Pads Shin Pads are designed to fit comfortably and stay in place under a sock or SALVE Soccer Sock Sleeve, bringing extra comfort to your game. They are the perfect choice for players who want to minimize the feeling of shields while playing.

Pair these shin guards with SALVE Grip Socks for maximum performance and comfort. Finish off your gear with SALVE Garter Tape, which provides extra support and ensures your gear stays in place.

SALVE Mini Shin Pads are a great choice for players who value freedom and lightness during the game. They are minimal, but effective - just like the top level players of modern football and futsal.